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Support from the UK India Business Council (UKIBC)

The UK India Business Council provides UK companies with the insights, policy advocacy, facilities, networks and services needed to succeed in the UK.  

They have first-hand experience in entering and growing businesses in India, which they can share to help companies achieve success, whether they are already well established in India or are only in the early stages of their engagement. 

The UKIBC works with the UK Government and other influential and connected partners, ensuring that business interests are conveyed to India’s Union and State legislations. The UK India Business Council seek to influence decisions that will make it easier for UK companies to operate in India. 

If you require practical advice, the UKIBC team provide a range of sector-specific research, market entry and expansion services to help businesses understand and access opportunities. 

If your company is setting up operations in India, you can access an unrivalled network of government and business contacts, service providers and specialist staff in order to support your business' success. 

The UK India Business Council’s membership network enables business people to meet each other, identify potential partners, suppliers and customers, and learn from top business leaders and commentators such as those on the UKIBC Advisory Council through a wide variety of events and member-only Sector Policy Groups.  

[Source – UK India Business Council (UKIBC)]


Support from the UK Department for International Trade (DIT)

The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) provides tailored support packages for companies who are:

  • first time exporters (FTEs)

  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

  • medium-sized businesses (MSBs)

Business opportunities

‘GREAT’, a UK Government campaign, has tailored support and advice for UK businesses on how to start exporting or increase the amount of goods and services they sell overseas. For more information see their website at:

You can:

Getting local market help to sell overseas

DIT has trade specialists who can help you commission services from local experts overseas. This includes:

  • country and sector advice

  • local market research

  • support during overseas visits

  • identification of possible business partners

  • preparation for exhibitions and events

To find out more about commissioning any of these services, contact a DIT Trade Adviser in your region at: for a free consultation, or see further details at:  

In-market support

If you already trade internationally, and have decided that India is part of your business strategy, you are advised to contact DIT at the British High Commission New Delhi prior to your visit to discuss your objectives and what help you may need. See:

They can provide a range of India-specific services for you, including the provision of market information, validated lists of agents/potential partners, key market players or potential customers; establishing interest from such contacts; and arranging in-market appointments. In addition, they can also organise events for you to meet contacts in India, or to promote your company and your products/services.

For further information about DIT services, see:

[Source – DIT,]


Support from the Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT)

Raising the profile of international trade qualifications and experienced members is only part of how IOE&IT membership is essential for any individual or business involved with global trade.

Importantly, the IOE&IT also offer access to a unique range of benefits and services specific to international trade: 

  • Help with any export issues you come across. Our team of experts can help with questions on documentation, export controls, the UK Bribery Act, customs and VAT procedures, regulatory and compliance issues, insurance issues, payment terms, transport and logistics. Members get free access to our experts via a technical helpline. See:

  • A voice for your ideas and concerns. We represent your point of view and feed back to government, HMRC and other influencing bodies on issues that impact you, plus participate in Institute responses to central government with regard to proposed legislative changes

  • A complete range of international trade qualifications – for those that have no experience, up to those who wish to qualify themselves to take a business degree. The Institute's qualifications are widely recognised as providing both employers and employees with the necessary international business practice linked to satisfying career planning and development. See:

  • A range of short courses giving you the skills and expertise you need to gain a competitive advantage in the challenging and complex world of export, import and international trade. See:

  • An extensive events programme to help you share information and connect at every level in the international trade community, whether it is sector-specific or regional. See:

  • Inclusion in surveys to research the attitudes and changes to world trade

For more information on how the IOE&IT can help you, or on becoming a member, contact the IOE&IT at:

Open to Export

Open to Export is the IOE&IT’s free online advice service for UK companies looking to grow internationally. It offers free information and support on anything to do with exporting and hosts online discussions via its forum, webinars and social media, where businesses can ask any export question and learn from each other.

Open to Export can be accessed at:

[Source – Institute of Export & International Trade]


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