The UK India Business Council has offices and UKIBC Business Centres accross the UK and India. We assist UK companies with practical advice, India market intelligence, or Indian market entry support, so contact us to find out how we can help you to do business in India.

The UK India Business Council believe passionately that the UK-India business partnership creates jons and growth in both countries, and that UK businesses have idea, technology, services and products that can succeed in India. The fact that the UK is the No.1 investor in India reinforces this. Through our insights, networks, policy advocacy, and, we support UK businesses to achieve this success.

The UK India Business Council supports UK businesses with the insights, networks, policy advocacy, services, and facilities needed to succeed in India.

Our first-hand experience of entering and growing businesses in India make us uniquely qualified. We want to share our experiences to help others achieve success whether they are well-established in India or in the early stages of their engagement.

Working with the UK Government and other influential and connected partners, we ensure business interests are conveyed to India’s Union and State legislators. The UK India Business Council seek to influence decisions that will make it easier for UK businesses to operate in India.

For those seeking practical advice, our talented team provide a range of sector-specific research, market entry and expansion services that help businesses understand – and take – the opportunities.

For those setting up operations in India, we provide an unrivalled network of government and business contacts, service providers, and our specialist staff to support business success.

Our Membership network is at the heart of our support. Through our wide variety of events and our member-only Sector Policy Groups, we enable businesspeople to meet each other, identify potential partners, suppliers and customers, and to learn from top business leaders and commentators, including those on our Advisory Council.




The UK India Business Council provides consultancy services and engagement plans for UK companies operating in India.

We look at the implications of trends and provide context and informed analysis. Using our knowledge, experience and contacts, we help businesses understand the opportunities, shape their market entry strategy, and make informed decisions about exporting, investing in or growing in India. Request your one-to-one with our expert India consultants here.


UK India Business Council provide a range of company specific market entry, research, and expansion services to UK companies to help you understand the opportunities, shape your strategy, and make informed decisions about exporting, investing in, and growing in India.

Using our first-hand experience and knowledge, we assess the implications of trends, and provide context and informed analysis. Primed to assess your business, our experts run exhaustive diagnostics to help you establish the right route to market for your business. Request your one-to-one with our expert India consultants here.


UK India Business Council Membership is a holistic approach to your UK-India strategy, and is the ideal vehicle to translate your objectives into ongoing supported engagement year in year out.

Our expert team provide intelligence only available through our network, and facilitate the right interactions for you, allowing you to influence your business strategically and operationally.

We do so, through unrestricted access to our year round calendar of events in the UK and India, and invitations to our member-only Sector Policy Groups, round tables, and other exclusive occasions.

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