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Perkins delivers power, service and productivity in exactly the way you want it

Since 1932, more than 20 million Perkins engines have been chosen to power over 5,000 different machines, from tractors to hydraulic excavators and electric generator sets to high-speed power boats.

To provide our global customer base with innovative and class-leading engines, we’ve invested in eight manufacturing locations around the world, while our distribution and service network serves over 180 countries. 

At every site, our talented people work in collaboration with customers to design, manufacture and deliver dependable engines, which meet our customers’ current and future needs.

Perkins has over 85 years’ experience of designing, building and servicing off-highway diesel and gas engines. Part of the Caterpillar enterprise since 1998, Perkins has made significant investments in its global manufacturing facilities, research, design and development. Our class-leading technologies and processes, ensure all our engines, from all our locations, meet exactly the same, high quality standards. We collaborate with our customers, sharing our expertise and knowledge to integrate our engines into more than 5,000 different machine applications.

Supported by a global distribution network, which provides quick access to genuine parts, advice and service solutions, we work with our customers to create, deliver and service dependable power.

Power in the way that you want it

Ranging from 0.5 to 61 litres, Perkins offers the world’s widest selection of engines – and each power bracket has been optimised for maximum performance. Available with an extensive choice of options, we’re able to tailor our engines to meet our customers own unique power challenges.

We know that reliability is critical to our customers’ reputation, and our world-class range of engines are designed and manufactured to work harder, for longer. Extensively tested and validated both in real-world environments and our laboratories using advanced simulation tools, we build knowledge and experience into our product development programme. Original equipment manufacturers can be confident that a Perkins engine will deliver a lifetime of dependable performance. Whatever the application, whatever power and torque is required and whatever global emissions standards are being worked to, our customers can be confident that Perkins has the right engine for their needs.

  • Industrial - Our world-leading platform of 0.5-18 litre industrial engines deliver 8.2-597 kW performance. Able to meet even the most demanding applications, they’re available with a choice of engine configurations.

  • Electric Power (Diesel and Gas) - From reliable daily performance to emergency back-up, we manufacture and support dependable and efficient diesel and gas (natural and bio) engines. Covering 5-2500 kVA power ratings, our engines support a wide range of applications, many of which operate in harsh environments. Easy to service and maintain, they help reduce costs throughout the product life cycle.

  • Marine - Ranging from 64-225 kW and EP 5-2500 kVA (4-2000 kWe), we offer the industry’s largest choice of marine engines, ensuring reliable and energy efficient performance for both pleasure and commercial vehicles.

Meeting the needs of the world’s industries

Perkins has always worked closely with equipment manufacturers to understand their requirements and real-world challenges. Building their insights and feedback into our designs, we have developed a complete suite of engine platforms, helping customers to simplify and streamline the supply chain. Our advanced system design also enables global coverage for customers’ applications and compatibility with regional requirements.

One global partner

Perkins engines are trusted by equipment manufacturers worldwide. As well as being an engine manufacturer we support our customers at every stage of the equipment development process with an unmatched breadth and depth of hardware, knowledge and global resources.

Our unique Technology Integration Workshops lie at the heart of this commitment. Bringing customers’ engineers and our specialists together in one room, we reduce engineering costs and time to market. By delving into the true technical detail, we create innovative power for unique applications.

Power generation you can rely on

Around the world, Perkins is the engine of choice for power generation. Whether the generator set needs to operate at peak times on prime power or for standby purposes, our reliable and durable Perkins® 4000 Series engines deliver consistent performance that will provide electricity for many years to come.

Clean, efficient power, our engines meet all applicable emissions standards and are designed to measure up to the toughest demands placed on them, whatever the environment they are operating in.

Through close collaboration we can develop engines that hit all the key power nodes. The 4000 Series, built in Stafford, UK, and Aurangabad, India, utilises digital governing to control fuel consumption and offers excellent load acceptance.

Delivering 600-2500 kVA, the 4000 Series is available in 6, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder turbocharged options.

Our class-leading warranty on the 4000 Series means that for prime applications we offer:

  • one-year unlimited running hours or for engines which operate less than 6,000 hours in the first year

  • two-year or 6,000 hours, which ever expires first

And for standby applications we offer:

  • up to three years or 1,500 hours maximum for engines which operate less than 500 hours in the first year

Delivering cost-effective electric power

Perkins has the right products to meet the needs of all the key sectors in the electric power market. Our engines provide standby generation for factories, office and shopping malls, and for critical applications in hospitals and at airports. We provide engines for prime power generation in remote locations far from the national grid, such as powering telecommunication towers throughout the world.

Whether it’s an engine for prime electricity generation, running day in, day out, or for standby power generation, ensuring guaranteed power is available when required, Perkins has the right solution. Our range of diesel and gas-fuelled electric power engines covers all key nodes around the world, meeting our customers’ power generating requirements.

Our engines in India are for example, used to generate electricity for factories, offices and shopping malls – often for standby power, but also for prime generation. Our 400 Series engines are often used in remote areas, such as parts of Africa, where they power telecommunication towers to keep people connected by mobile phone technology.

Our engines are also used in business-critical areas, including cloud computing data centres that need a constant supply of electricity to serve their customers.

Power generation when it matters the most

With Perkins comes the reliability that's needed. It's borne out of thousands of hours of real world engine use.

That's why our engines also provide standby power for the most critical of situations- hospitals and airports- where we help ensure lives are not put at risk due to power failure. In these situations it's not a case of when the electricity comes back on: the power has to come back on immediately. With Perkins performance and reliability, that assurance is guaranteed.

Customers continually choose Perkins because of our large range of products offered globally and because of our excellent customer support. Whether dealing with a global equipment manufacturer or an individual developer, our network of distributors ensures that our customers get the best out of their engine, ensuring the reliability needed for electric power generation solutions.

Delivering electric power to the people is not only about permanent electricity generation installations. We provide engines for generators that are used in the rental sector, too. These engines power construction sites and mining operations where there's no connection to the electricity grid.

Perkins electric power engines give excellent fuel atomisation and combustion with optimum economy, as they match the correct types of fuel and air systems to the market needs.

Reliable power, low oil usage and low wear rates are hallmarks of Perkins electric power engines. High compression ratios mean customers get great fuel consumption and load acceptance in all conditions.

With the exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact sizes giving customers great power density from as small a package as possible, our electric power engines are easy to transport and install, and provide excellent services access for ease of maintenance.

Our extensive range of electric power engines means customers can expect world-class quality and unrivalled customer service from Perkins. With 24 hours delivery on parts, customers can rest assured that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Whatever the electric power needs, Perkins electric power engines are the engines of choice for the power generation market.

Consistent power, wherever you are

We support our customers’ supply chain with manufacturing capability in the UK, USA, China, India and Brazil. Featuring state-of-the-art computerised and robotic technology, each location operates a consistent production system and manufacturing process, ensuring every engine meets the same global standards. Customers can benefit by collaborating with an experienced single supplier. With every Perkins engine, quality, reliability and consistency are assured. Our facilities worldwide employ the same efficient processes, the same tested and validated components, and the same stringent quality controls customers need to achieve their global product strategy. With our local knowledge and commitment, we deliver consistent power, wherever our customers are.

Genuinely flexible aftermarket support

We match the power of our engines with the power of our support, helping customers and Perkins end users maintain their engine at optimum performance and reliability. With our global network, we provide local support with a responsive and quality service tailored around the customers’ needs. Our highly skilled team are on hand to provide customers with a dedicated service, built around their needs.

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