Who are M+V?

Maier+Vidorno offers a 360° solution to UK companies who want to Enter & Expand in India. We offer pragmatic and tailored operational management services, prefect if you are preparing to enter the Indian market or have already invested.

To succeed in India you need a well thought out plan and operational excellence right from the start – and for this you need a partner you can trust who really understands India. 

  • M+V has almost 20 years of experience in finding practical solutions to market entrant challenges. 

  • We have supported more than 1200 foreign companies establish, grow and be profitable in India – our clients are mostly from UK & Europe, USA & Japan.

  • We have a team of 175 employees – Experts in Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain & Order Execution, Human Resource, IT & ERP; all supported by our in-house recruitment and consulting team.

  • We operate from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune.


Let M+V make India simple for you

Whenever you speak to international companies about India as an investment destination you hear the same things about regulation, complexity etc. Our services have all been developed to take these challenges off your hands so that you can concentrate on building market share and making the most of India’s great potential.


How can M+V support your business in India?

M+V supports companies with two key service areas:

You plan to establish a sales and service organisation? With M+V you are as powerful as a big and established company in India. M+V’s OPERATIONAL SOLUTIONS takes care of all the bureaucratic headaches, fiddly administration and operational hiccups and you can focus on sales and business development. Optimising imports, supply chain and spare part management are as much a part of our daily work as accounting, HR and compliances. You concentrate on more sales respectively market share, we work every day on an improved back-office. This operational experience provides us with the USP for our other key service area: M+V CONSULTING. We really know how to succeed in business in India, so we can advise you on all aspects of your business – from market research to sustained growth.

Read more about how Maier+Vidorno supported a client from UK in establishing a profitable business in India in the case study “Growth story of a leading UK plastic components manufacturer”.


Focus on growing your business in India – we take care of all your administration: accounting, payroll, taxes, import & invoicing

Market Entrants who plan to focus on business development and selling imported product in India need to successfully sell to customers demanding the maximum for the lowest price AND to master two fundamental challenges:

  • Ensure that your sales team can focus 100% on developing business and not to get distracted by administrative day-to-day issues

  • Execute sales efficiently with an organisational set up suited to India’s highly complex bureaucracy

Many start-ups cannot afford the qualified managers required to handle these challenges properly. Many European companies have leveraged their success in India on M+V’s OPERATIONAL SOLUTIONS. M+V has built a complete suite of Corporate Services for international companies that allow your sales managers to concentrate 100% on what is really important: selling and thus growing your business and market share in India.

M+V’s experienced professionals carry out all your business transactions by being your outsourced back-office - Accounting, Payroll, HR, Import, Warehousing, Local Transport & Invoicing as well as After Sales Service and Spare Parts Management.

Every day M+V handles thousands of transactions. Regardless if you plan to work on your own ERP or prefer to work initially through M+V’s enterprise resource planning (SAP), M+V ensures you know exactly what is happening and stay in control. Plus you benefit from savings resulting from our economies of scale.

We bring Global standards to India in all our service modules:

M+V Basic Corporate Services: Accounting, Taxation, Company Secretary & Payroll.

M+V Integrated Supply Chain: Purchase & Sales Order Execution, Import, Warehousing, Logistics, Invoicing, Collection & Documentation.

M+V After-Sales: Nationwide network of qualified Engineers and Spare Part Management for maintenance & repair.

M+V Management: Internationally experienced Senior Managers – just when you need them. Rent a CFO, HR Management, Sales Performance Management, Strategic Advisory (Board Membership & Governance), Resident Director & Authorised Signatory, and Dealer/Distributor Performance Management.


Your trusted advisor for your investments in India
From your first day onwards, M+V can accompany your India venture.  We support you in knowledge creation, planning and decision making; and we support you in the implementation of the plan you decide upon.

For some companies it is better to start immediately to manufacture in India. Other companies are better advised to start with selling goods in India which are manufactured in the UK. M+V has the tools and experience to assess which Market Entry mode will be the best for your investment. Whatever we advise, M+V’s main interest is to safeguard the money of the investor.

M+V have helped many foreign market entrants who plan to work with an existing Indian business to save a lot of money.  This is because we know how to negotiate with Indian businesses to find the best price – the right price to pay when buying a company or buying a share in an Indian company or when setting up a joint venture.

Market Entrants may plan to set-up their own subsidiary or build up their own factory as sometimes local production can be the key to success in India. With experience across industries and in managing all aspects of operations of international companies in India, we have the expertise to analyse critical aspects of the business to identify what needs attention through our Corporate Restructuring services. 

We can help you to get what you need because we understand what it takes for foreign companies to be successful in India. M+V works together with the investor to develop a realistic and pragmatic entry strategy. M+V analyses the company’s existing ways of doing business and aligns it with Indian reality.


Our Executive Search team will find the right people for you in India. What makes us unique is that we work with many of the people we recruit for years afterwards as we support their back offices. This means we have built real understanding of the personality traits, skill sets and company structures that work best for foreign companies in almost every industry in India.  We know the salary you need to pay and what is likely to motivate – or demotivate – your India team.

Manufacturing Set-up
India is an exciting market, and “Make in India” has incentives for foreign and local companies to manufacture in India. Setting up a local production unit in India needs local knowledge, and our holistic approach provides that knowledge at every step. M+V acts as your on-site construction manager in India and manages all aspects of setting up the factory – Technical and Commercial.

Our goal is to help UK companies be commercially successful in India and protect the interest of shareholders. Every time we do this we get another successful reference.

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