IP led businesses have reliably and consistently provided the most rewarding path to success and value in the Indian market. Companies that provide enviable returns to shareholders and promoters do so on the strength of their brand and the new products they bring out. Successful IP SMART companies in India treat Intellectual Property as an investment and commit to providing real value across their customer base.

IP Lab - Law - MarketWe at IP DOME understand the economy, the IP regime, and the market of India.  Operating at the Intersection of the Lab, the Law and the Market, we provide detailed data and analysis on the technology and the IP landscape, while enabling clients to identify trends and threats in the market. In our consultation, we support and guide R&D and collaboration activities thereby creating robust vehicles to drive business growth with India-specific IP strategies.

Having studied different approaches to IP use and deployment in India, our IP Strategy and IP protection services take into consideration a wide range of issues confronting IP owners including contracts, employee relations, vendor management, collaborative IP development, and infringement and enforcement of IP rights. We can help your company become IP SMART for India.

Bullets BoxWe believe that advantageous enforcement of IP in India is directly relatable to the strength of the IP, assessed in terms of legal parameters, competing IP in the market and strategic alliances. Along with studying the interaction between IPR and enforcement agencies, our expertise enables us to focus on the market dynamics - and stakeholders - who enable IP owners to benefit from their Intellectual Property. Integrating and embedding and intelligent IP strategy in your Indian entity would require the participation and cooperation of your sales, production and technology team, in addition to your legal and IP teams.

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IP Flow ChartOur strategy team has experience in a variety of Indian industries and markets, and can offer customisation of solutions, the strategic flexibility alongside the cost comfort you may require in your India business. We work seamlessly with our trusted legal partners Giridhar & Sai Associates, who provide expertise in corporate and technology law, and support the implementation of a market entry strategy. This also empowers you to handle locally and tactically important litigations in multiple courts.

We understand that your IP is a valuable and expensive investment, through which you hope to create and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. We deliver accurate and on-demand data to support your decisions. Our global associates have a proven record of successful prosecution in patents and trademarks and are integrated with our processes, ensuring quick, aligned and quality services.

IP Graph“The legal department has had the pleasure of working with IP DOME and the set of experienced and well-qualified lawyers and engineers. It is a focused and flexible team of experts in various technological domains as well as Intellectual Property Law. This team also integrates a strong understanding of market reality.

Our observation has been that the response time for any query with them is short and they provide a well-researched and well-documented strategy an analysis report. This helps us to make decisions confidently since the reports cover the gamut of the legal propositions, cautioning us on the practical difficulties that would arise, integrating solutions to the problems that would arise, while helping us make strategic decisions. They do not mislead on facts and have been extremely helpful in setting a process in place. We wish them all the best.”

Janaki C. Ambat
DGM, Legal, Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) Ltd.

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